Friday, 9 January 2009

The Lion and Snake, Lincoln (drawing)

I haven't blogged much recently as I've still been doing my "Christmas job" at a local Argos (catalogue) store. I did it for some much needed cash over the festive season. I finished today so I can get back to some serious drawing, painting and blogging.
I'm starting off with this drawing in my moleskine of the Lion and Snake pub in Lincoln, with the towers of Lincoln cathedral in the background

This is a preparatory drawing of the scene for a watercolour painting I'm going to do. I usually work from photographs I've taken and I find it useful to do a drawing first as I can sort out exactly what I'm going to include and leave out from the photo and also decide on the distribution of tonal values throughout the work. Also I just love to draw.


Unknown said...

I just discovered your blog because I'm dropping back on those who dropped in my inbox and I just wanted to say your drawings and painting are really beautiful and I will definitely be back often to visit and see what you've created, really enjoyed looking at your art. I have an art degree from college but it's been years and years since I painted. Watercolors were my favorite. The closest I come to creating art these days is taking pictures or scrapbooking. Very nice site!

Unknown said...

Wow, that is awesome!

Art with Liz said...

Your pencil 'sketch' is stunning - do you always do so much detail in your preparation work? Glad you're back, painting and blogging.

Anonymous said...

I like your work. Very detailed. Bravo sir.

Clayrn Darrow

Unknown said...

Thank you all for your comments.
Carole - I also love taking pictures and find it a great inspiration for my art,
Liz - yes I usually do quite a lot in my preparatory work as it helps me to get familiar with the subject before commiting myself to the painting,
and Clayrn

Babette said...

Hello Mr. Wright, when did you discover that you have a talent for drawing and painting beautiful pictures?

jayiel said...


Deronda designs... said...

You love to draw, and I love seeing what you draw.

magicmyst said...

Your drawings are beautiful works of art all by themselves. Kay

Marian Fortunati said...

That is fantastic!! It's obvious you love to draw... WOW!!!
Glad you're back to what you love best.... I know making money is important.... but anyway.. good to see your work again.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comments to:-
Babette - didn't take up art seriously till I was in my late 20's when a very, very good teacher showed me how to draw and paint.
Magicmyst - thanks. I believe that drawings are still much underrated as works of art when compared to paintings.
Marian - yes, that ever-present need to "pay the bills" is always with us, but it is good to be able to spend more time with my art.