Saturday, 31 January 2009

Top Dropper Day

Thanks to everyone who has been dropping their EC's on my blog this month. You are all wonderful.
My Top Droppers for January are:

Babette's Definitely Maybe! lovely blog about Babette's family and thoughts on life

Online Games great for news about games available to play online

Amy Lilley designs take a look at Amy's beautiful jewelery and wonderful photographs

Caught In The Stream poetry and fiction from the very fertile imagination beautifully evocative photographs

Septagon Studios Inc News Blog love the header and layout in this publishing company's blog

Art By Paul Baines great articles on contemporary urban art.

Stroll Through Storyland wonderful one of a kind jewelry also interviews with etsy artisans

Gewgaw Writings short stories, poems and essays from a very creative mind

Anime Hunt great reviews of Anime (Japanese animation)

Thanks to you all for being my Top Droppers for January.


Babette said...

Thank you! It's my pleasure to drop on your blog. I love seeing your beautiful work. :o)

Sue said...

Beautiful painting!
Sorry, I,m spanish girl and my english is very... bad

Congratulations for your paints!

Unknown said...

Thanks very much for your comments Babette and Sue.