Thursday, 26 February 2009

Around the house sketches

I've been going MAD sketching around the house. Haven't done this for ages.
This first one is my cat Niobe making herself very comfortable on MY chair at MY painting table in the kitchen.

This second pen sketch is again in the kitchen showing my 'Nodding Homer' (tap his head and he looks like he's eating his doughnut!!!) next to a camellia plant that has been gamely producing flowers all winter.

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storybeader said...

I like Homer and the plant!

lubasa said...

like the first sketch with the cat =3

Patrice said...

It seems I'm always sharing my chair (the computer one) with either Madeline or Fanny. They curl up just like Niobe - and I can't bear to move them so I perch on the edge till my back hurts...

I like both sketches - and Homer's a hoot.

Sharkbytes said...

Sketches I can relate to better... I'm not hopelessly inadequate in this medium. I like the cat.

Babette said...

Nice to see Homer here. :o) Will you feature the paintings on your exhibit last month?

Anonymous said...

I love nodders - I've never seen a Homer nodder. Very nice sketches. Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Hi storybeader and lubasa. Thanks for your comments.

Patrice - yes, we do suffer for our cats, don't we!

Sharkbytes - I find sketching in my little book much less fraught than doing the 'finished' pieces. I'm not so worried about making mistakes.

Babette - you can see the paintings I had in my exhibition by going to my 2008 posts. They are the ones of Lincoln Cathedral. I think there were a couple I didn't include so I 'll feature these at a later date.

Dallas - I found Homer in car accessory shop. As I haven't got a car he sits happily near the kitchen window.