Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Results of February 'Win an original painting' competition

Well, this is the moment when I announce the results of my first competition.

So, without further ado,

here are


(drawn by my beautiful assistant - my wife, Maeve!!)




of Definitely Maybe (and several other blogs).

Babette has won this original watercolour painting.

Outside the pavilion, Whitby
Artist quality watercolours on watercolour paper
8.3" x 11.7"

The five lucky runners-up who have each won a signed, limited edition print of the painting are:

Rita T





Congratulations to all of you. I will be emailing you for addresses to send your prizes to.

Win one of my original paintings

See this post


Babette said...

OMG! I'm speechless! I cannot believe I won your beautiful painting! I'm so excited! YAY! Thank you John! Thanks to your lovely wife Maeve too. I have the perfect spot for it in my living room. :o)

Unknown said...

Hi Babette. It's so nice that you won. Glad my painting's going to a good home.

Patrice said...

John!! Wow.. Thank you.

I am delighted - and so surprised!

Thank you, thank you, so very much.

storybeader said...

I am SO jazzed! I love your watercolors, and the sea. So this is a perfect print for me! TY, TY, TY. xxoo {:-Deb

Lan said...

wow congratulation to the winner, I wish I join your painting competition. I will make sure to join for your next competition later on if you have one.

Lori said...

Good to know someone else also does it that way.
You're welcome, and thanks!

You painting is really nice! I love the way you painted the sky in the background.

Unknown said...

Patrice and Deb - congratulations on winning the prints. They will soon be on their way to you.

Lanie - I've marked you in for the March competition.

Tab - thanks for the comment. Love your work, particularly your photos.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited! Thank you and I am so happy to have won one of your prints! Thank you so much!

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Unknown said...

Congratulations Kim.

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful. Congrats to Babette and all the other winners. Good job!