Monday, 9 March 2009

Unfinished Acrylics 2

This next unfinished acrylic is a painting of Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire.

Robin Hood's Bay
Acrylics on stretched canvas
24" x 36"

One of my favourite painting subjects, Robin Hood's Bay is a small village nestling amongst the cliffs leading down to the sea, just south of Whitby. It's a frequently visited tourist attraction , but has maintained it's small fishing village atmosphere.
This painting is at a midway point. It needs a general 'going over' to emphasize details, sort out tonal values etc.

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Amy Lilley Designs said...

Another beauty...soft, warm...very inviting...and Robin's Bay sounds like a place I would be very happy to visit!!!

Unknown said...

I love this scene - even if you don't think it is finished, it looks good to me!

Anita Davies said...

Love those blues in the bottom right corner...scrumptious!

storybeader said...

very nice - I like the matching sea and sky!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Perhaps I'm wrong, but this is different than your usual style. Not that you only have "one" painting style. I love this piece. The colors are amazing, and it doesn't look like it needs any further going over:)

Unknown said...

Amy - it is a delightful place, a very English holiday resort. No matter how many times you go there always seems to be some little street or corner of the beach you've not explored before.

ICSI - it is always tricky deciding when a piece is finished.

Anita - yes, just got to try not to loose them if I do much more to the piece.

Deb - I try to use a restricted palette so I'm repeating colours throughout the painting to unify it.

Nancy - yes it is different. Acrylics I find demands a different approach from watercolours so I think the style consequently changes, but I think it does help to keep my work fresh.

Jennifer MacNeill said...

This is gorgeous! Love the colors.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jennifer.