Friday, 6 March 2009

Unfinished Acrylics

I have a few acrylic paintings that I began, Oooohhhhhh, erm lets say a few months ago and are still hanging around, waiting to be finished. Concentrating on watercolours has meant that the acrylics have become rather neglected and I'm feeling it's about time I put some effort into finishing them. If I post about them it might motivate me!!
This first one is actually more or less completed. It just needs a few finishing touches.

Beach Huts
Acrylic on stretched canvas
24" x 20"

This is based on the beach huts at Wells watercolour I included in an earlier post. I just love painting beach huts. Their chunky shapes and bright colours reminiscent of long days on the beach.

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Unknown said...

Your work really makes me feel home sick! I'm in Japan but originally from the UK.

storybeader said...

I usually don't like acrylic too much, but I really like your beach huts!

Babette said...

Do you draw an outline first then paint? I like your choice of colors. :o)

Marian Fortunati said...

Very nice, John...

So.... what do people do with beach huts??? Is that where they change into and out of their suits... Or do they sit in them... (what a shame)... or what??

One Creative Queen said...

I love this! The composition, the dreamy quality it has...mmmm. It makes me yearn for Hilton Head Island, SC. Just beautiful!

Unknown said...

Hi Victoria - Yes I think beach huts are so much a part of the English coast.

Thanks Deb - my early painting experience involved a lot of painting in acrylics, so I suppose I'm more used to them than the more traditional oils.

Babette - yes I usually do the drawing first. I have tried going in with paint straight away, but haven't liked the results, unless it's an abstract.

Marian - people usually hire them out for the day and use them for getting changed or sitting in which can be really useful as the weather here can be very changeable and not always that warm. The front of the huts open right out out so you've always got a good view of the beach.

Hi Creative Queen - like the 'dreamy quality' idea. That is sort of what I was trying to achieve.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

I love it John, just the way it is...but, you see the details that tell you AH HA, now it is finished...beautiful, simple...aching to go to the beach...tho I did lay out on our deck for a few minutes today...YIPPEE!!!

Unknown said...

Ah, I wish I was at the beach now :(

Unknown said...

Actually your quite right Amy. I'm thinking the painting doesn't really need anything more doing to it. I'd only fiddle with it an spoil it.
Hope it wasn't too cold to have a lay out.

Wish I was too, Nicholas.